Master Fellowship on Crystallographic Methods at SBU

The SBU opens one Master fellowship for Crystallographic Methods research group leaded by Prof. Isabel Usón. The fellowship is directed to master students interested in starting a research career. The collaboration with our research unit of excellence will provide an exciting and real experience on the structural biology field from the focus of computational methods.


Period and duration: 4 months, from March to June 2019.

Remuneration: 1000€/month



” Ab initio structures resolution validation with ARCIMBOLDO”

Our group develops ab initio methods to solve crystallographic structures, implemented in ARCIMBOLDO programs (Millán et al., 2015). Part of the solved structures differ significantly from the starting hypothesis, either by partial proteolysis or by crystallization of an impurity. The project aims to develop an evaluation module to confirm if the solution is compatible with the starting hypothesis, it corresponds to a structure previously described in the databases or it is homologous to others already known. To this purpose, BORGES (Sammito et al., 2013), a structural bioinformatics tool developed in our group, and other ancillary bioinformatic will be used.


Millan, C., Sammito, M. & Uson, I. (2015). IUCrJ 2, 95-105.

Sammito, M. D., Millán, C., Rodríguez, D. D., M. de Ilarduya, I., Meindl, K., De Marino, I., Petrillo, G., Buey, R. M., de Pereda, J. M., Zeth, K., Sheldrick, G. M. & Usón, I. (2013). Nat. Methods 10, 1099-1101.



Degree: Biotechnology, Maths, Computer science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry or related. Finished on 2015-2016 or following academic years.

Minimum degree mark: 8,50

Master Studies: Master of excellence that includes computation. You need to be pre-enrolled or enrolled to the Master.

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