The SBU Received 400.000€ From “La Marató De TV3” 2017 Edition

The SBU received 400.000€ from “La Marató de TV3” 2017 edition

Funds collected by La Marató onits 2017 edition will finance 36 research projects on infectious…

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Mycoplasma Genitalium’s Cell Adhesion Mechanism Revealed

Mycoplasma genitalium's Cell Adhesion Mechanism Revealed

• Mycoplasma genitalium is a sexually transmitted bacterium responsible for several genitourinary disorders. An estimated…

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Deciphered The First Level Of DNA Folding

Deciphered the first level of DNA folding

DNA topology team from the Structural Biology Unit of the Institute of Molecular Biology of…

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Batx2lab At The Structural Biology Unit

Batx2lab at the Structural Biology Unit

On July, we had two students at the Structural Biology Unit laboratories from high school…

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An Analysis Of 60 Metallopeptidase Zymogens 3D Structures Revealed That Their Latency Mechanism Is Less Conserved Than Catalysis One.

An analysis of 60 metallopeptidase zymogens 3D structures revealed that their latency mechanism is less conserved than catalysis one.

The Proteolysis laboratory, directed by F. X. Gomis-Rüth, published a review about the latency of…

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30 Years Of Macromolecular Crystallography In Barcelona

30 Years of Macromolecular Crystallography in Barcelona

On 18-19 June, we celebrated the symposium “30 Years of macromolecular crystallography in Barcelona” in…

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Third SBU Annual Scientific Meeting Was Held Between Caves

Third SBU Annual Scientific Meeting was held between caves

On 7-8 May, Structural Biology Unit celebrated the Scientific Meeting in L'Espluga de Francolí. More…

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Creating Scientific Vocations At The Lab

Creating scientific vocations at the lab

On April, Isabel Uson’s lab received Enea Knorr, a 4th grade of Secondary Education student,…

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The Resolution Revolution Captivates CosmoCaixa Visitors

The resolution revolution captivates CosmoCaixa visitors

From 11th to 14th of April, a group of researchers from the SBU has participated…

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“Multi-antibiotic Resistance Will Be A Serious Medical Problem For The Future”

"Multi-antibiotic resistance will be a serious medical problem for the future"

Laia Vives (04/04/2018)   Anna Rubio was born in Barcelona. She is doctor in Biotechnology…

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Looking For New Scientists At The Saló De L’Ensenyament

Looking for new scientists at the Saló de l’Ensenyament

On Friday 16th March, we were at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas catalan delegation…

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The Alliance Of “Severo Ochoa” Centers And “María De Maeztu” Units Aims To Promote The Excellence And Competitiveness Of Spanish Science.

The Alliance of "Severo Ochoa" centers and "María de Maeztu" units aims to promote the excellence and competitiveness of Spanish science.

The creation of SOMMa will allow the centers and units to increase their impact, foster…

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